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Information for cabin guests

Cleaning instructions

We have decided to replace all cleaning agents at the site, to make it even more environmentally-friendly. This means that most of the cleaning agents are labelled as eco-friendly and that we aim to minimise the quantities used. In your chalet or room, you will find a bottle of ”Brial” which is an general-purpose cleaner, as well as a bottle of ”Kristallin” or ”Maxx into alk 2” which is a bathroom cleaner. Please use Brial with the blue cloth on seats, tables, cooker, window, cupboard doors, fridge etc. Use Kristallin with the pink cloth. First spray Kristallin in the shower, washbasin and WC. There is also a Svinto package under the sink for the stove and oven. Use a dustpan and mop to clean the floor. Wet the mop with water, spray Brial straight onto the mop and wipe. The mop is one-off and will be discarded after use. Place the used pink and blue cloth on the floor of the cottage entrance.

Ventilate the bed clothes and lay neatly on the beds (if anything become blotchy add it gladly to the side so we change to the next arrival)

Wash and put it back on the shelves

Shake out the rug outside the cottage

Wipe the table & chairs with a cloth

Leave the furniture neatly placed indoors and out

Clean the bathroom (dry sink, shower enclosures, lamp buttons, door handle and last toilet seat)

Empty the fridge and freeze and dry thoroughly

Clean the kitchen

Mop the floor

Waste garbage at any of our dumps

NOTE! If the cottage is not cleaned after departure, we charge an additional cleaning fee of SEK 2,000.

Good to know

Check in/check out – You have access to your cabin/studio from 15.00 and check out time is 11.00.

Between 23:00-07:00 all guests must observe the utmost consideration towards other guests and be as quiet as possible. No cars are permitted in the area during this time.

Outside each accomondation you can park one car. A second car is not allowed at campsites or outside the accomondation, please use one of our parking lots.

If you need to charge your electric car, we have charging stations in our large parking lot. It is not allowed to charge your car from your accomondation.

Please make sure to keep your valueable belongings locked up.


You can access an external and free wifi that is hosted by Telia. We can not guarantee good connection.

1. Go to ”network” on your device and choose ”Telia Wifi”.

2. Register with your email adress (no login or password is required).

Important phone numbers

Reception +46 (0) 490 – 258000

Water park +46 (0) 490 – 258024

Night staff (only for emergency assistance) +46 (0) 490 – 258009

Västervik´s Tourist Center +46 (0) 490 – 87520

Medical Information Service 1177

Taxi +46 (0) 490 – 37300

Police 114 14

SOS Alarm 112